A bit of history

Our B&B La Dimora di Caboto is named after the famous navigator Giovanni Caboto (Gaeta, circa 1450 - England, 1498). He was an Italian navigator and explorer, famous for having continued the work of Christopher Columbus. He started the series of great discovery travels to the northwest that led to the discovery of Canada on 24th June 1497.

Thanks to historical researches it has been discovered that Giovanni Caboto was a native of Gaeta (about 1450), coming from a very prominent family of ambassadors, consuls, navigators and merchants who had thrived in the city for approximately two centuries. Then, further to the conquest of Gaeta by the Aragonese Crown, Giovanni with his family, fearing the vengeance of the winners (because he was too enmeshed with the bygone Angevins), had to abandon Gaeta and take refuge in Venice in 1461 to save his life.

Evidence of this was found both in the Codex diplomaticus cajetanus (preserved at the local Public Library) and through the historical research carried out by Ugo Tucci, Professor Emeritus of Economic History at Venice University.

The town of Gaeta, in memory of this illustrious son, had the main seafront promenade dedicated to him, one of the oldest in Italy. And the Nautical Technical Institute (one of the most prestigious in our country) was also named after Giovanni Caboto. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Canada (1997) a monument, located in the medieval part of the city, was erected in his name to commemorate his discovery.